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Alok Nath Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

Alok Nath Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

Bollywood’s Babuji, i.e., Alok Nath will turn 60 on July 10, 2018, Alok Nath, who created the image of Shankar Bapuji on TV and in films, was born on July 10, 1956, in Delhi. In his career, Alak Nath has made about 140 movies and more than 15 TV serials, most of which his character is Babuji, but there is also a reason behind him becoming a Babuji who will surprise you.

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In fact, Alok Nath had a passion for playing the role of a father since childhood, so he never expressed a desire to become a hero. Alok Nath’s early education was in Delhi only. After this, he graduated from Delhi University, from where he started showing his art theater. Alok has also learned acting in the National School of Drama for three years.


Career was not easy

If Alok Nath got his first break in Hindi Simena from the film ‘Gandhi’ in 1980, he certainly had to struggle for five years in his industry. During this period, he also worked in 30 to 40 short films in the theater with Nadira Babbar.alok nath


After which he got an offer for a small role in the Dilip Kumar starrer film ‘Mushal.’ After doing this film, he continued to receive small roles, but his fame had changed in the year 1988, from the film ‘Aayamat to Kiamat Tak.’ From the film, Alok Nath was able to make a different identity in the industry.

Jitendar’s father was denied by becoming

There was also a time when the director and movie producer was engaged in the line behind actor Jitendra. At that time, Alok Nath had refused to become his father in a film.

Alok nath

In an interview, Alok Nath disclosed this fact and said that I have also played the role of a prominent actor like Jackie Shroff and Rishi Kapoor’s father. I have never said any film, rather than the one in which a producer of Madras wanted that I play Jeetendra’s father.

Bapuji has also done rituals on the screen Romance

Impressions of Alok Nath’s cultural characters are so broad that people forget that they have done many romantic films too. One of these films was ‘KamagriAlok nath

In this film, he not only saw romance with Tina Munim but Alok Nath in the film ‘Kamgagri’ had also made lovemaking scenes.

Babuji is always experimental with his role

Though Alok Nath may be more recognizable for his Babuji roll, he never got back from taking risks in his career. Despite being a positive image, he has played a negative role in many films, including films like ‘Shadayantra,’ ‘Bol Radha Bol’ ‘and’ Destroyer.’Recently, he had presented the image of his Babuji in a new style on the screen in the movie “Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweetie”. Which the audience liked very well. In this film, he was seen in the role of Cool Babuji, who secretly drinks alcohol and at this age, his bachelor party enjoys an amusement in Amsterdam.

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