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Movie Name Batti Gul Meter Chalu
Release Date 21 Sep 2018
Star Cast Shahid Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Shraddha Kapoor
Director Shri Narayan Singh
Producer Shri Narayan Singh
Genre Comedy

Batti Gul Meter Chalu Story:- Batti Gul meter chalu is the upcoming film of 2018, which is directed by Shri Narayan Singh and Manoj Bhushan Kumar, in the lead role of the film Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, Yami Gautama will be seen. Yami is playing the role of an advocate in the film. The story of the film is on the power theft. In the film, Shahid plays the power thief.

Batti Gul Meter Chalu Review

Batti Gul Meter Chalu:- Director of Shri Narayana Singh Gulm Matter Current (BGMC) is a film that talks about a very relevant issue, fundamental rights and basic amenities, which is often denied to the common man in different parts of our country. But for all its good intentions, BGMC is also quite flawed. The film needed a hard editing effort because, in less than 3 hours, the story becomes more susceptible. The film holds a strong and shocking mirror for corruption and everything wrong with corporations and their rule. This is a story that must be told undoubtedly, but the runtime only robs the film of its impact.

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Batti Gul Meter Chalu:- The story goes out in the hills of Uttarakhand, where SK is an intelligent lawyer who blackmails local merchants and survives who are involved in misconduct. Nauti is an ambitious fashion designer with her boutique while Tripathi wants to start her own business. A common disturbance in the city is an unsuccessful power grid, which is much higher than its way of life. Shri Narayana Singh has a play to portray India’s heartland with a flair and finance, and after resting a love story, he does once again. There are special moments in this movie, such as a colleague between friends, but Siddhartha-Garima takes a lot of time to establish their interpersonal relationship in the script, which loses the story. Once Tripathi’s commercial dream crashes, the movie gets sharp, because a corrupt power company sends him a heavy bill. Then it is that drama actually comes in.

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The second part of the BGMC came out in court, because Shahid Kapoor’s SK attacked the corrupt electricity company completely. This section of the film presents a growing drama and, in a sense, saves the movie half year for Dodi. The character of Shahid’s character actually works in favor of the actor. Once his SK becomes an honest lawyer with a mission, Shahid is able to mix a good balance between a young man with a lot of confidence and a sleeping boy. During the mountainement, their privacy is magnificent. Shraddha Kapoor plays Peppy’s small town girl with Panh. Divyendu shows patience in good boy role. Yami Gautam appears as an advocate, not only in the second half, but also leaving more impact.

With a hard runtime and more attention to the story’s crooks, this social drama had the ability to shine brightly. Shadow by Anshuman Mahale manages to capture the beauty of the hills of Uttarakhand. This film has a parallel track of two characters named Vikas and storyteller, describing the story, but the metaphor does not click much. BGMC has lost power under the weight of its heavy duty script.

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