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Box Office: Sanju released on Monday, Tehelka, Ranbir’s movie has so many millions

Box Office: Sanju released on Monday, Tehelka, Ranbir's movie has so many millions

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Mumbai. Ranbir Kapoor starrer film Sanju continued his success in the box office on the first Monday and continued his fortune.

Rajkumar Hirani’s film Sanju had brought destruction at the domestic box office in the first three days. On Monday, the film has made a solid collection of 25 crore 35 lakhs. The film had an opening of 34 million 75 lakhs i.e. after the weekend only 13 million 25 lakhs fell on the first day. This decline of nearly 30 percent meant that the film was getting tremendous support from the audience. The film has got a collection of 145 crores 41 lakhs in four days.Ranbir Kapoor’s film has broken all records of earning so far. The film is the biggest opener of this year. The film, which was released on June 29, has been shown in the film, about two hours and 40 minutes, every good and bad phase of Sanjay Dutt’s life has been shown.

Box Office: Sanju released on Monday, Tehelka, Ranbir's movie has so many millions

Generally, nowadays big films are released on the occasion of a festival so that people do not have trouble coming to the cinema at the break and the earnings are doubly quadruple. But the story of Sanju non-hollywood film Sanju, from Sanjay Dutt’s exit from the captivity of Yerwada jail in Pune, taking drugs, taking the AK 56 rifle and making them three or three and a half hundred girlfriends. The film also has a relationship with father Sunil Dutt and mother Nargis’s love. Sanju is made up of Rs 40 crore. India has been released in 4000 and around 65 countries in 1300 screens.In the form of father Sunil Dutt, he chose Paresh Rawal and Manisha Koirala for Mother Nargis. Right now Biwi recognition made Dia Mirza and friend Vicky Kaushal. There are big names like girlfriends Sonam Kapoor and biographer Anushka Sharma. Karishma Tanna probably made Madhuri Dixit, Jim Sarab Salman Khan and Sayaji Shinde Dawn.


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