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This series of Bahubali now has a web series, Rajmauli with Sanjay Dutt

Bahubali now has a web series. It does not have to tell anyone how the two parts of Bahubali have left their mark in the world. Almost every character of the film has been hit and now one of these characters is making a web series.

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This character is Shinigami Devi’s. Sivagami, i.e., the wife of Amrendra Bahubali and the mother of Mahendra Bahubali. South Star Ramya Krishnan had done this role in both parts of Bahubali, and now his character will be in the web series as a spin-off in a way. Two people will direct this movie. The sequence to be made on the book titled ‘The Rise of Shivagami’ has been assigned to the director, S. K. Rajamouli, to direct him to God Katta. Dev is going to direct Sanjay Dutt to direct the film. The shooting of this series will start soon and will be spent about two million dollars on every episode. According to God, we are starting this series as a prequel. It is a privilege to work with Rajmauli.

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Bahubali director SS Rajmouuli had already said that the story of Bahubali had been completed in two parts and now there is no further story behind it. In such a situation, the fans of Bahubali will not be able to see something new. But this will not happen because the series will be created on the character of Shivaji’s film. This spinoff of Bahubali has been dealt with Netflix. According to the information, this web series made up of various aspects of Shinigami’s life will be made in many languages. The first season of this web series will be ten episodes. According to information, Bahubali’s team says that in this period of the Internet, there is a lot of scope for telling the story of Shinigami through the web series.

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Explains that Ramayana Krishnan will not play Shivaji’s role in this web series. But their guest appeal can happen. Last year, Bahubali, The Concussion, has collected more than 1700 crores from the whole world and about 511 crores in the country. For this film to continue to remain among the people, Rajmoula has signed a contract under which Bahubali comics, video games, novels and animation movies will be made. Prabhas has played the role of Mahendra and Amarendra Bahubali in Bahubali. Anushka Shetty, Satyraj, Rana Daggubati, Tamanna Bhatia and Nasser played an essential role in the film.

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